Storytelling has always been the most effective way to change minds and behaviors. And in our age of information overload it is quickly becoming the most important survival strategy for brands, causes and leaders. For 14 years, Free Range storytellers have been using ancient techniques combined with modern tools to drive change by captivating imaginations. Now you can learn to use these same strategies and practices to create epic stories your audiences will want to live by and share.


  • Introduction to Breakthrough Storytelling

    There is an epic story unfolding right now starring you and your customers or supporters. Learn to tell that story in a way that will drive your success for years to come.

    Two-Day Session:
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Empowering Better Storytellers

Free Range e-Workshops® are personal, engaging and fun learning experiences that break down the story creation process into manageable pieces. Participate in a highly interactive program with two-way conversations, breakout sessions, peer feedback and individual exercises. Learn a transformative new perspective for connecting your brand or yourself to your audiences. Create mythic elements that unify your brand positioning and messaging. Take the leap from making claims to telling compelling stories, and gain tangible tools for continuing the transformation afterward.