Winning the Story Wars:
Why Those Who Tell — and Live — the Best Stories Will Rule the Future

Learn how we can create a better world for ourselves as marketers and for our audiences by becoming responsible modern mythmakers. The book calls for a revolutionary approach to marketing — creating new, values-based stories on the pattern of ancient myth.

"History is written by the winners. And as Jonah Sachs makes abundantly clear, it is now being written by the marketers, the new mythmakers of our time. Whatever your product or your cause, if you want to succeed, read this wise and enlightening book."
 — Nick Coe, CEO, Bath & Body Works; former President, Land's End


Activity Decks

The Create Your Story activity decks are designed to unlock the storytelling insights and passion of your team. They will help you explore the essence of who you are as a brand or organization and confidently tell your story to the world. Each deck builds on concepts in Winning the Story Wars.

  Values and Archetypes
The Values and Archetypes activity deck helps you determine who you are and what you stand for as a storytelling brand. The activities first challenge you to find your values and then to find your brand's archetypal character and voice. Are you a Rebel? An Alchemist? A Defender or a Muse? Your journey of discovery awaits within. The deck includes:
  • 25-card deck, illustrated by Free Ranger Drew Beam
  • Instruction cards
  • Values Exercises
  • Basic Archetype Exercise
  • Advanced Archetype Exercise
  • 15 Archetypes with Descriptions
Price per deck: $50  

Discounts are available for orders greater than 50 decks.
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