Environmental Stewardship

Sometimes it's the small things that matter. While we're crafting stories to try to chart a new future, we're also taking care of the details in our lab. Here are some of the things we do to walk the walk:

  • We only use green office supplies (products made from recycled materials, refillable pens and pencils, we reuse mailers).
  • Compost and recycle? Yup, religiously.
  • Our furniture comes from sustainable sources whenever possible.
  • We work with cleaning services that use non-toxic, biodegradable products. And we put cloth towels in bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Our partners are local vendors who focus on sustainable practices.
  • We provide public transportation benefits for employees.
  • Our footprint is small and getting smaller — we use very little paper and we telecommute when possible.
  • Our offices are full of natural light and we keep the electric bulbs off as often as possible.