In Her Own Words

  • What do you do (in 5 words or less)?

    Lead client engagements, Free Range.

  • What's more important to you: to be right or to be liked?

    Right. (Being liked is much easier, for the most part.) Not that I can’t admit when I’m wrong.

  • Who's your favorite Free Ranger to work with and why?

    I enjoy collaborating with every Free Ranger, down to a one, but to highlight two: Jonah. He’s always challenged me to be better than I am. And Eric. Incapable of b.s. in a world (and industry) full of it, his sophistication in capturing and creating elegant, subtle solutions is impressive.

  • Tell me about the happiest you've ever been.

    A one-month, 9000-mile, cross-country road trip with my partner of 12 years. Each day we’d get up, have breakfast and decide where to go. The people we met and the landscapes we saw stunned us with simple truths and awesome beauty. Culminating at Burning Man, this time out of time was one the most powerful, restorative and inspiring periods of my life.

    (tied with)

    Summers on the family farm in central Illinois where my father grew up, playing with my cousins and exploring which critters had died and been born each morning. Not growing up there myself made it all the more romantic. The simple joys of sunshine, no homework and the cycle of life fascinated. Being fairly isolated and able to see for nearly 20 miles in any direction made it pretty hard (if not impossible) to get into trouble, and easy to have a blast.

  • What is your biggest fear?

    At the end of my life the world will be more divided, less just and ecologically beyond repair.

  • What would you be willing to die for?

    What this country stands for. If not what we always seem to be.

  • Who is your Nemesis?

    People afraid to think, or do.

  • What calls you?

    The fights worth fighting.

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