In Her Own Words

  • What do you do? (in 5 words or fewer)

    Deliver results through campaign magic.

  • What is your dream travel destination?

    Tibet. Or Amsterdam. Amsterdam on the way home from Tibet.

  • Who is your Nemesis?

    Minds that were made before facts even entered the picture.

  • What still gives you hope?

    The fact that millions of people wake up every day and go to jobs where they work to make the world a better place.

  • What's the weirdest job you've ever had (before free range)?

    I spent a summer during middle school as a guinea pig at a hair salon.

  • What song gets stuck in your head most often?

    The theme song to "I Dream of Jeannie" - I caught it from my husband about 16 years ago and it never went away!

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