in His Own Words

  • What do you do (in 5 words or fewer)?

    Dream, Design, Disseminate.

  • What's more important to you: to be right or to be liked?

    Be liked. I'm perfectly flawed, and being right leaves very little room for creativity.

  • How many times a day do you check your email? Voicemail?

    3 times. I'm mostly analog — good ol' fashioned pen and paper. I love handwritten letters and hearing people's voices over the phone. Wow I sound like an old man here.

  • Do you check your email while driving?

    Of course not — that's dangerous! I just maintain my crossbow and juggle starved badgers. Anyone thats says yes here will get an earful.

  • Tell me about the happiest you've ever been.

    Psst — it's happening right now — no joke and don't jinx it. I'm getting to live out my dreams as you are reading this.

  • If you had a time machine, what historical moment would you rewrite?

    I'm really digging playing with changing the present.

  • What's the weirdest job you've ever had (before Free Range)?

    Designing a headstone for Meryl Streep's mother, taxidermy of many animals, and some of the strangest portrait requests.

  • Who is your favorite Free Ranger to work with and why?

    Oh brother, this question bites it. It's like when kids ask their parents who they love more -- so of course every single Free Ranger gets all my love. So here's a quick list.

    Jonah: partner in crime on storytelling and brainstorming

    Erica: the biggest heart and makes me almost pee in my pants with laughter

    Ellen: lion hearted, lives the truth and will do anything to make sure we don't drown

    Ben J: the peaceful/thoughtful warrior

    Brad: always on the sunny smart side, and heavy lifting might

    Melissa: she's an energizer bunny with brilliant drive and ideas

    Liz: holds more in her mind than a gumball machine holds gumballs and does it all with a smile

    Brandon: thought provoker 

    Dan: mastermind of keeping so many ships in the water afloat

    Stoyan: my brother from another mother

    Eric: a comedian with da Vinci's skills

    Ruben: grounded and playful at the same time (super rare), not to mention a wizard

    Annie: always game for a game and she takes super care of us all

    Carni: my musician brother

    Allie: will keep on your toes in the most loving way

    Susan: don't let her adorable voice fool you — she's a powerhouse. all love, all smarts

    Emily: she is a grand collector of  information — so curious and spirited

    Chris: ok this dude is a straight up sweetheart — does he ever get stressed?

    Juliet: always has a song and a silly dance for you — plus she'll get any job done

    Leila: the peaceful warrior. laser sharp with a big smile

    Dylan: we are so lucky to have brilliance like this

    Katie: we act like goofy kids together. oh yeah and she's a killer designer

    Kathi: her art blows my mind every time

    Amy: my teacher

    Did I miss anyone? If so, news flash: I love you.

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