In Her Own Words

  • What do you do (in 5 words or fewer)?

    Collaborate, concept, write, produce, share.

  • Is there a book from your childhood that helped make you who you are today? Explain.

    I really loved William Steig's books. Two of my favorites are 'Pearl and the Amazing Bone' and 'Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.' Steig has a way of capturing the enchanting paradox between unfortunate events and the beauty present in the world and within us at all times. His humor and irreverence were landmarks for me, and helped set the stage for how I tell stories as an adult, pointing out how crucial it is to be able to laugh and see the bright side of things in this wacky world we all live in.

  • Are you a nerd? Why?

    I guess I do think I'm a nerd...the reason being that I tend to choose things that make me authentically happy over fads or trends or what's 'cool.' I'll wear dorky shoes if they are comfortable and good for me; I love making silly voices and acting like a whacko; I talk to my cat a lot when I'm at home, and I do so in a whole variety of special voices... I could go on, but I won't.

  • What's more important to you: to be right or to be liked?

    Great question! I believe it's important to be open, compassionate and caring for people, which usually makes one 'likable,' and at the same time, I believe in certain 'truths' that may land closer to the objective end of the subjectivity scale. I believe in standing up for things that might make a person unpopular or 'disliked' at the time, but could be important and beneficial in the long term.

  • What still gives you hope?

    I've been deeply inspired by the whole Occupy movement, both because I strongly align with the values and truth being pointed out by people, and the injustice that is being held up to the light, but also because I believe that the truth will always prevail, and actions and attitudes that suppress people for self-actualization will always be course-corrected and overturned.

  • What calls you?

    Creativity and truth call me. Honesty and authenticity call me. I believe life is a gift, and I wouldn't want to sell myself short in any way, or 'cheapen' the experience by not showing up fully and being courageous and full feeling!

  • If you had a time machine, what historical moment would you rewrite?

    I don't actually believe in re-writing history, because as with one's personal life, I think our collective memory builds in a critical way upon itself. A lot of horrible things have happened; a lot of amazing things have happened. We learn everything we're meant to learn in the unfolding of our collective life. That's the evolution of consciousness. When I’ve pondered this question at times in my life, one of the moments that's always risen to the top has been the invention of the atom bomb — I think we opened a pandora's box when we acknowledged our power/ability to destroy life at such a vast scale, but I'd argue that in knowing we have that power, we've raised the bar for how engaged and evolved we need to be with our free will and exercise of choice. On the other side of that is the ability to love unconditionally, and to create transformative beauty in the world.

  • If you could have one magic item what would it be?

    I would love to fly. I'm always blown away when I have 'power' dreams where I get to fly all over the place, soaring over big landscapes and such. It's nothing short of total elation. Seriously, how amazing would that be?!

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