Jonah Sachs Apr 21, 2015 by Jonah Sachs relaunches with Free Range

After two years of intense work with one of our favorite social change organizations, we have a tremendous amount to say about the new ACLU website. But it's what our clients have to say about it that tells the best and most authentic story. Read about it here.

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Mar 17, 2015 by

More than Scientists

Climate scientists have been sounding the scientific alarm, but never have they been able to tell their personal stories. We set out to change that — to make an emotional connection with the "moveable middle" who has yet to get engaged.

Over the last year we have worked with the Climate Change Education Project to build More than Scientists, a campaign focused on raising the voices of the 97% of climate scientists who know that climate change is real, that humans are causing it, and that we have the power to stop it. This cutting-edge collaboration between scientists, advocacy organizations, and the public uses personal, inspiring videos from scientists to engage the public and help them understand what climate change is, what it will mean for the future of our families, and motivate them to action.

Through our partnership with More Than Scientists, Free Range provided campaign strategy, creative concepting, video, website, and visual design support for this exciting new project. On its first day online more than 30,000 viewers watched the launch video. And, having built partnerships with over 30 leading climate and environmental organizations, this campaign will continue to infuse the climate movement with the voices of the scientists on the front lines.

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Ellen Roche Jul 01, 2014 by Ellen Roche

Like a Girl

The Always brand (of maxi pad fame) has embraced empowerment marketing in a huge way with the release of their #likeagirl video and campaign. While legitimate complaints are being documented elsewhere about whether or not Always “lives the truth” they tell, the video is a knockout and tackles a complex social challenge with empathy, beautiful production quality and a cast of awesome young girls who haven’t yet realized that “like a girl” is an insult.

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Darshita Mistry Apr 16, 2014 by Darshita Mistry

10 Takeaways from TYPO SF

Last week I was in design heaven at TYPO San Francisco. Not only did I see typographer, Erik Spiekermann, in his element (nerd alert!) but I was hugely inspired by the talks that spanned design, culture, society and change.

These statements –which I gathered over the course of the two days – have stuck with me. If you’re a designer, this list is going to resonate with you on so many levels. Read it, absorb it, live it.

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