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July 11, 2012



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Illustrating “Winning the Story Wars”

This behind-the-scenes video gives a glimpse into the process of illustrating Jonah Sachs' book Winning the Story Wars.

This is new for me. I've always loved sharing my art as far and as wide as possible. But my process — that's been my secret. When Jonah, author of Winning the Story Wars, asked me to document how I was creating the illustration for the book where Moses parts a sea of bad advertising, I got a little nervous. Would the magic be lost when I peeled back the curtain? Still, I decided to try it — with no commitments to actually show it. After both the illustration and the video were finished, I sat back, watched myself really work for the first time and decided I had to share it. Fingers crossed that my creative process might help inspire yours! Let me know what you think. 

— Drew