Winning the Story Wars

by Jonah Sachs

Published July 2012 by Harvard Business Review Press
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Winning the Story Wars calls for a revolutionary approach to marketing — creating new, values-based stories on the pattern of ancient myth. It's part "how to be heard in the cluttered post-broadcast era." And it's part call to arms, rallying marketers to recognize the huge role they have in shaping society and embracing that role with integrity and passion.

The book will show you how we can create a better world for ourselves as marketers and for our audiences by becoming responsible modern mythmakers. Story Wars draws on wisdom from psychology, neurology, advertising history, comparative mythology and a decade of field experience in the social marketing realm. Practicing what it preaches, Story Wars is full of great stories, compellingly told. Where else are you going to find Freud and Jung, Campbell and Lucas, Moses and Krishna, The Marlboro Man and The Man Your Man Can Smell Like in a single book? We're proud to be publishing a book that's both engaging and important in the big picture.