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Ellen Roche Jul 01, 2014 by Ellen Roche

Like a Girl

The Always brand (of maxi pad fame) has embraced empowerment marketing in a huge way with the release of their #likeagirl video and campaign. While legitimate complaints are being documented elsewhere about whether or not Always “lives the truth” they tell, the video is a knockout and tackles a complex social challenge with empathy, beautiful production quality and a cast of awesome young girls who haven’t yet realized that “like a girl” is an insult.

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Ellen Roche Dec 20, 2013 by Ellen Roche

Triple Delight

For someone who works at Free Range, I watch surprisingly few viral videos. Maybe I’m slightly cynical?

This week, I watched three viral videos — all three have one thing in common: they are just delightful. I felt joy while watching them. While each has more subtle secondary messages, their primary purpose was obviously to simply delight their audiences.

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Want to Go Viral? Channel your Inner Disney Princess.

Mar 15, 2013 by Want to Go Viral? Channel your Inner Disney Princess.

As someone who spent far, far too much of my childhood learning how to perfectly imitate every single Disney princess of my generation, I am kicking myself for not creating this video. Jon Cozart, who must now be a shoe-in for a guest appearance on Glee, created (apparently single-handedly?) a video that has been blowing up my Facebook and Twitter feeds for the past 2 days, and which I finally sat down to watch today. And I loved it.

Of course, the video is funny. And most people are passing it around because it’s funny. And, as is so often the case with a piece of content that breaks through, I heard about it from my friends first. Then saw it on Huffington Post, then saw it on FastCo. It’s a textbook study in video virality. At Free Range, we’ve been lucky enough to make a number of successful videos ourselves and shared much of what we’ve learned in our recent book. But watching a young whippersnapper do it himself...we’re re-inspired!

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More questions than answers: Kony 2012

Mar 15, 2012 by More questions than answers: Kony 2012

It’s been fascinating to observe the phenomenon that is Kony 2012. Here at Free Range, we’re no stranger to being asked to make media that will ‘go viral.’ Our response over the years has been that there’s no guaranteed recipe for big numbers on a video campaign. What you can do is make sure you’ve got a solid idea/story/message; a clear understanding of your target audience; an action step or ‘ask;’ a great outreach plan to pound the ether-pavement and get folks ready for your launch; and a sense of the zeitgeist — an instinct that the world is ready to hear and act on the story you have to tell. 

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