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There’s nothing we love more at Free Range than big solutions to big problems. From our first meeting with Global Zero the idea of eliminating nuclear weapons worldwide seemed doable, obvious and urgent all at once.

All the ingredients for greatness were in place.

Top military and political leaders on board, around the world, across political parties? Check.

Key business, cultural and celebrity voices speaking truth to power, and getting noticed? Yep.

Half a million students — from Lincoln to London, Leiden to Lahore — making noise and growing in number, every day? Done.

And perhaps most importantly, an actual plan for making a nuke-free world a reality, co-created by global leadership putting their careers on the line and ready to lead the charge? YES.

Add to the mix co-founders with unwavering vision and a tireless, creative staff with smarts and heart, and it’s hard to go wrong.

What unfolded after months of persistence, introspection and artistry is a story of profound collaboration. We articulated the campaign’s core values of community, truth and idealism — equally pure and pragmatic — in Global Zero’s native language of the Rebel. We defined a rallying cry — Demand Zero — aimed at the hero of the story, President Obama, who can choose to put us on the path to a nuke-free world that he outlined in his April 5, 2009 speech in Prague. We developed a toolkit of online and offline actions, engaged students to create their own video appeals to President Obama, and shaped a website and feature video that move and empower people to act.

Through ideation, iterations and celebrations we got better each step of the way, pushing ourselves toward the best possible campaign we could create.

Co-founder Matt Brown put it this way: "We came a very long way together, and made good and thoughtful decisions during a terrific, open and candid collaboration. The work captures so much of what we are, what we need to accomplish and the spirit that needs to fire the movement to get there."

And Chief of Staff Derek Johnson added: "What a pleasure it was to see this project come to such an honest, powerful articulation of who we are and what we do. Every step of the way we challenged each other to do our best work — and we had a hell of a lot of fun in the process. Free Range rose to that task not as consultants, not as partners, but as people deeply invested in helping us change the world. I'm thrilled to count them as part of our team."

Details Global Zero Campaign

Creative Workshop

Discovering the campaign archetype.

Global Zero Campaign

Empowering the client to live and tell their story.

Global Zero Campaign

The beginnings of the Global Zero user experience

Early drafts of a sitemap, action map & experience map.

Global Zero Campaign

Website Design

Global Zero Campaign

Feature video pre-production

Storyboards, style frames & visual reference.

Global Zero Campaign

Feature video production

Locations from New York to San Francisco

Global Zero Campaign

Final feature video

Global Zero Campaign

“Leading the Free Range team on this collaboration is one of my proudest professional achievements. Tremendous partnership led to a great story that everyone can and must be part of.”


“Passionate Free Rangers, Hollywood legend Michael Douglas, an Oscar-winning editor and amazing cinematography team told the story of a nuke-free future. One of my career's most inspiring efforts.”

Erica Priggen

“Global Zero's passion for this issue comes through in all the creative. Our powerful collaboration is fueled by a deep commitment from both teams to finally put an end to nuclear weapons.”

Erica Priggen Executive Producer Profile
Amy Hartzler Erica Priggen