The Meatrix

Their unpalatable discovery:

Producing meat on factory farms is inhumane, unsanitary and unjust.

Transformed into a viral story sensation:

For years activists had been documenting the horror of factory farms. Of course, nobody really wants to know where their meat comes from when the truth is awful — so the issue remained on the fringe. So we decided to take a totally new approach. Meet Leo, Moopheus and Chickity, the barnyard rebels who learn that the prosaic farm shown on food labels is a lie. Instead of scaring or grossing our audiences out, we encouraged them to laugh, then change their eating habits. Over 25 million people have tuned in to what is now known as the most viral social messaging campaign in the Internet’s history. Hundreds of thousands downloaded sustainable food guides. We found ourselves on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. But most importantly, we hear almost every day from people who have changed the way they eat because of a story that moved them.