Zoogoer Magazine

Their irresistible hooks:

Cutting edge research, gorgeous photos, adorable critters.

Leveraged for impact:

The Smithsonian has long been more than just a zoo — it also serves as an influential scientific research institution. But how can a single tool get kids interested in adorable tiger cubs and deliver a game-changing thesis to scientists on how to give an eyesight exam to a viper? Our designers have been more than ready for the challenge. It doesn’t hurt that we’re just a Metro stop away and can practically hear the elephants trumpeting from our DC office. Zoogoer, published by the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ), is full of quick-read departments, spreads for kids and in-depth features for scientists and enthusiasts. We’ve enjoyed our deep collaboration with FONZ for years, educating, amusing and inspiring entire families to support and engage with our local zoo.