We are a product innovation and storytelling company.

We imagine the future and bring new ideas to life, combining a disciplined approach to unlocking product innovation with the principles of creative storytelling.

We work with startups, F1000, NGO, and government programs around the globe.

And in these industries: technology, consumer goods and foods, education, sustainability, human rights and civic engagement, travel and hospitality, and venture capital.

Our Approach



To see the way forward, we start by taking a close look at the context for your audiences, organization and market. We look between the lines, below the surface, and in the cracks to find the insights that will create the best opportunity for you.



Armed with core truths, counterintuitions and uncovered insights, we work together to explore the most effective, strategic directions for your needs. We think big in this phase, but also hone in on the most promising opportunity you can make real in the near term.



It’s not enough to dream big and explore. We like to ground ourselves in reality. We partner with you to map out a strategy for the road ahead and create the right mix of execution and improvisation to ensure a successful launch.



Everything we create together is meant to be tested and refined. We’ll learn a lot after we launch, and together we’ll confirm some of our assumptions while we revise others. This is essential as we look to build the best possible future for your organization.

Our Work

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