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How do textile companies scale? Be a fabric apart.

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute certifies products adhering to the world famous sustainable design methodology. The C2C Institute engaged Free Range for innovation and storytelling transformation as they sought to expand the Institute’s impact and diversify their revenue streams. We have now done nearly a dozen projects together and are retained for ongoing support across all industry divisions.



We spoke with C2C stakeholders in multiple countries, learning about the opportunities and challenges for expanding the movement around the world. We found important differences and even more important similarities. For instance, we learned that Europeans and Americans often had divergent (and sometimes incompatible) terminology, but there was a universal desire for cross-functional collaboration, no matter the language. Ultimately, we found that stakeholders needed pathways to applying the methodology, not just knowing it.

Cradle to Cradle Understanding Fabrics applications



In learning that partners needed support applying the methodology, and that C2C needed additional revenue streams, we considered offerings what would simultaneously equip organizations with tools, resources, and ongoing support, while also outlining possible structures for financial support.

Cradle to Cradle Explore textures and materials



Free Range crafted a membership model and multiple campaign concepts to creatively reach audiences and drive them toward action. The next step was to execute the game plan.

Cradle to Cradle Brand



The membership model launched and immediately amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars in membership revenue from organizations ranging from household brands to emerging startups and industry innovators. These members have converged for collaborative workshops, conferences, and are now collecting resources and support for new materials that will further advance the future of sustainable design.

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