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What do you call a dinner conversation with 100 vegans? Research.

Purple Carrot, a fast growing meal kit delivery brand had a major differentiator from its myriad competitors: The meals are completely vegan. But that difference could be a positive and a negative, depending upon the audience. In order to scale, they would need to find a brand that resonated with committed vegans, while also preventing non-vegans from feeling excluded. Which audiences could they reach, and what was the brand that could do it?



We led a large scale research effort to learn about their existing audiences – and their future audiences. In addition to surveys and interviews we went across the country to have families and individuals cook up these delicious meals–and invite us in their homes as they did it. We discovered an audience, Flexitarians, who were not vegan but saw the benefits of plants fueling their active, healthy lifestyles.



We wanted to make a brand that turned people’s uncertainty about vegan food into a strength: plant-based meals can be healthy, delicious, and compatible with an active lifestyle. We focused on the vibrancy of the food with design and a story that made the brand accessible and enticing.

Purple Carrot Brand Exploration



Rather than being about rejecting meat and dairy, we helped show that a plant-based meal can be about saying “yes,” to flavor, values, and fun. The final brand serves to convey a sense of excitement, making plant-based food an invitation to a wholesome lifestyle that anyone–even a meat eater–can enjoy. We conveyed this with a fresh brand identity, a new unboxing experience with attractive packaging, and a new website to bring the brand to life.

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This new focus on fun valued flavors that are also healthy has opened the door for all sorts of new customers and partners. Purple Carrot has now started working with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the TB12 line of performance meal kits.

Purple Carrot Brand Launch

Check it out: www.purplecarrot.com