Tipping Point Community

Services: Storytelling + Brand, Product Innovation, Insights + Discovery, Nonprofit

Can data make you feel something? Without a doubt.

There are thousands of organizations fighting poverty. In this noisy landscape, crafting an engaging website that is different and compelling isn’t easy. Tipping Point Community is a foundation with a different take on tackling poverty, but how do we get users to interact?



We waded through a sea of data and impact reports, combining interviews and trends to help Tipping Point Community distill what makes them special and tease out a story that would attract both funders and grantees.

Tipping Point Understand



Traditional annual reports leave much to be desired. For Tipping Point’s 10 Year Anniversary, we wanted to create a digital story as compelling as the work they do.



We saw a way to use the dual nature of giving—investing on the one hand, and the corresponding impact on the other—as UX design framework that would inspire folks to engage with the report in unexpected ways.
In order to tell the story in more than words we created a user interface and a user experience that speaks for itself.

Tipping Point Create



Designs led to a highly interactive online experience, balancing data and metrics with real stories from the people whose lives were affected. The organization’s unique grantmaking philosophy and approach was highlighted with a unique interface which has allowed it to make an incredible impact.

Tipping Point Launch