2024-05-25 17:49:35



Alex Stoll says his job is to sell billions of dollars of products nobody really wants but everyone needs — PCs and printers. He works in a highly competitive, low margin, commodified world. Yet, Alex has found enormous room for innovation.

Over the past 18 months, HP Inc. completed its breakaway from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, became a “$50b startup,” jumped into the 3D printing market and transformed its culture, processes, products and partnerships with the thousands of companies that sell its products.

In conversation with Free Range CEO Randall Ussery, Alex shares his perspective on how the art of selling is changing in a world of rapidly accelerating customer expectations, opportunities for collaboration and product obsolescence. He also tells a few stories about how a 70-year-old global Fortune 50 company has learned to accept, adapt to and even thrive in a declining market and rapidly changing landscape.