2024-05-25 17:49:35

Winning the Story Wars: Storytelling Exercises

Winning the Story Wars: Storytelling Exercises

In this booklet, you’ll find three storytelling exercises designed to help you flesh out the brand story you’ve been building while working your way through the methodology outlined in Winning the Story Wars. While these exercises will be most helpful if you’ve already completed the book, you can still use them to help generate ideas for your ads, campaigns, and brand communications
even if you haven’t quite finished.

In Exercise 1: Steal a Story, you’ll find a step-by-step process for taking the moral of your story and turning it into a narrative your audiences will want to hear, make their own, and share.

In Exercise 2: The Story Formula, you’ll learn how to turn your own experiences into a compelling narrative using the traditional and ever-popular three-act story structure.

In Exercise 3: Deadly Sin Bender, you’ll discover the “five deadly sins of marketing,” learn how to avoid them in your own work, and purge them from your system by indulging them for a set period of time.

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