How an Inventor’s Mindset Raised Millions

  • Jamie Siminoff
  • Chief Inventor & Founder, Ring

Focus: Insights + Discovery

Jamie Siminoff is the Chief Inventor and Founder of Ring, the world’s first battery operated smart doorbell. An inventor by nature, Jamie launched his first business during college (Babson class of ’99), and launched a number of startups with varying success.

After numerous setbacks, including famously failing to convince the investors on Shark Tank to fund DoorBot, the company received an adrenaline shot of credibility and awareness to rebuild and launch as Ring in Fall 2014.

Today Ring operates by a purpose-driven mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods. Since 2014, Jamie has grown the company to 1,000 team members worldwide, raising an impressive $209M ($109M in the last round) and has caught the eye of investors such as Richard Branson (who he coincidentally met in a hotel elevator 15 years prior).

In a conversation with Babson College’s Carol Hacker, Jamie discusses the role of persistence in his journey, how a mission (not money) is the best motivator, lessons navigating Ring’s rapid growth, and how a focus on marketing and content drives Ring’s success.


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