2024-05-25 17:49:29

Free Range was founded on the simple premise that storytelling is a powerful tool for driving impact. For years, the stories we've brought to life have helped change the way we think about everything from the products we buy, to the food we eat, to the way we create and build companies to define the future.

And while we believe in the ripple effects of the work we have done so far, one thing is true: there is still much work to do.

Over the last few years, we've expanded to include a focus on innovation. We're working alongside leaders and their teams to reimagine their work and redefine their strategy for bringing visionary ideas to life. If we've learned anything over this time it's that courage—the willingness to push beyond fear to do something that feels unsafe—is the defining characteristic of the most innovative people and organizations.

Unfortunately, that type of courage is rare. It is a mindset in scarce supply, the envy of those who continue to choose the perceived safety of the status quo.

Our goal as a team and as a trusted advisor to our clients is to continue the hard work of cultivating a practice of unsafe thinking. It means that sometimes we'll go against the prevailing winds that are carrying an industry. It means we'll forgo the comfort of the approach we know for the uncharted waters of the approach that everyone says won't work. It means we'll choose to tell a different story than the one that is dominating the conversation. And it means we'll forge strong bonds with unlikely allies with the goal of expanding the way we see the world.

At Free Range, we’re focusing our innovation and storytelling efforts to drive outcomes across sectors and industries. From rethinking the future of higher education institutions, to expanding the business of sustainable fashion, to leading the economic transformation of rural economies, to creating new market and category disruptors, we’re linking arms with leading organizations to create novel solutions and engage people in new ways.

We have no doubt that the challenges we'll continue to pursue will be difficult to solve. But we also believe—perhaps more than ever—that unsafe thinking, programmatic innovation, and powerful stories are our best hope for discovering the way forward. And we look forward to finding it with you.