2024-07-08 14:29:26


Partnership on AI (PAI)—an industry leader on the topic of responsible artificial intelligence—needed to figure out the best way to work with a large crowd of partners to ensure that all involved focused their time, effort, and attention on projects that would promote the safe, ethical development and use of AI in all sectors of society. To do that, they hoped to create a revitalized brand and web presence that would serve as an attractive, influential hub for stakeholders in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to media, technology, government, and academia. 

We couldn’t wait to help them get started.


Interviews with key stakeholders, along with analysis of the competitive landscape and a review of industry trends, revealed the need for a unifying force in the field of responsible AI research, development, and deployment. PAI needed a brand identity that could serve as a beacon for academics, businesspeople, technologists, representatives of minority communities, and others, and provide a forum where they could discuss their diverse perspectives on the issue of responsible AI, brainstorm solutions, and work together to change business practices, development models, and even legislation.


Working together with the PAI team, we laid the groundwork for a brand identity that would speak to the enormous range of perspectives within the AI community, and position the organization as the go-to resource for information about how to responsibly engage with this evolving technology. Through creative concepting and foundational messaging work, we began to put together a story that would highlight PAI’s critical role in the ever-expanding ecosystem—and encourage new and existing partners to lend a hand in making AI safe, transparent, and equitable for all.


With a comprehensive strategy laid out, we began the work of turning PAI’s ambitions into a reality. We developed a striking new website grounded on the reinvigorated brand, guiding PAI through towards a more effective information architecture, a more intuitive user experience, and a refreshed user interface.


Thus far, our work with PAI has included the development of a new brand identity, a new website that allows users to easily navigate the many complex layers of PAI’s work, and print materials to promote their mission at in-person events. We continue to support PAI in its mission to guide the responsible growth of artificial intelligence through research, dialogue, and action.