2023-09-16 18:02:27


The Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) aims to bring together brands, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to guide significant sustainability improvements throughout the apparel industry, with a particular focus on reducing the environmental impact of dyes and water usage in textile mills. The organization needed a brand identity and website that would give a distinct, recognizable face to their mission and cause. We were happy to help them find it.


By conducting in-depth interviews with key stakeholders—including mill owners and operators, sustainability experts, and managers of partner brands—we were able to learn about the pain points standing between Aii and its goal of a more sustainable textile manufacturing industry. Analysis of the competitive landscape and industry trends provided further insight into the challenges Aii faced as a hopeful leader in the space—and the opportunities an improved brand identity could provide.


Armed with a deeper understanding of the goals Aii hoped to achieve, we worked together to create the brand that would best support their efforts to connect with partners throughout the industry. Further refining the organization’s brand story, we were able to craft foundational messaging and the core visual elements of a brand identity, before ultimately moving into creative concepting.


With the core of the brand in place, it was time to bring Aii’s new website to life. Using the insights gathered during earlier phases of the project, we designed an information architecture and user experience that best served the needs of its target audiences within the broader apparel industry, and populated it with applied messaging that spoke to their particular concerns about making the transition to more sustainable ways of manufacturing. Finally, we developed the new website, and prepared for launch. 


To support the launch of the new website, we led the Aii team in additional branding efforts, including the naming of programs, the development of presentations, and the creation of print collateral. Aii’s new web presence continues to serve as home base in its ongoing work with big brands and textile manufacturers to identify, fund, scale, and measure environmental impacts in the apparel and footwear industry, and provide solutions that make the world a cleaner, safer place to live in.