2024-06-17 12:03:08


In the wake of a major rebrand, environmental advocacy organization Stand.earth had achieved some great successes, with active membership more than doubling in just a few short years.

With increased scale came new messaging challenges. Stand.earth needed a partner that could help consolidate key messages from various stakeholders into a single foundational messaging strategy—and then use that strategy to develop copy for the organization’s refreshed website, and create a compelling case for support in time for the winter holidays.

Eager to help Stand.earth in its mission to advocate for the environment, we got to work.


The stakeholders involved in Stand.earth’s success came from a wide variety of backgrounds. Ultimately, the organization’s foundational messaging strategy would need to take the interests and goals of its leadership team into account—as well as those of First Nations, partner organizations, and even the government and business leaders who were the subjects of many Stand.earth campaigns.

To get the full picture, we conducted in-depth fact-finding interviews with key members of the Stand.earth leadership team, and reviewed years’ worth of development brochures, blog posts, brand strategy documents, and other collateral materials. We also analyzed competitor websites and content to better understand the landscape.

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Armed with a deeper knowledge of Stand.earth’s needs, we began developing a messaging hierarchy that could effectively organize a wide range of projects into a simple, easy to understand narrative.

As an organization with more than 20 years’ experience protecting the environment, Stand.earth has done everything from investigative research to frontline organizing—not to mention campaign strategy, fundraising, and policy work. Arranging two decades of campaigns into buckets that made sense for all team members required an ongoing process of communication and collaboration between leaders who brought very different histories and perspectives to the table.

Working together, we uncovered a way to categorize Stand.earth’s many ongoing initiatives into three key “impact areas”: Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels, Protecting Forests, and Reinventing Cities and Transportation.

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Messaging hierarchy in place, we began work on a foundational messaging document that would give Stand.earth team members a reliable source of information and inspiration for years to come.

Coordinating feedback from multiple sources within the organization, we worked together to refine the document through several rounds of internal revisions, a sensitivity reading, and a final review by the board.

Using the finalized foundational messaging as a guide, we wrote fresh copy for Stand.earth’s revamped website, along with a brand new case for support in time for end-of-year giving.

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Since launching its new website and case for support, Stand.earth has received enthusiastic, positive feedback from both internal stakeholders and partners, who can now share the organization’s purpose and story more effectively than ever. 

With a strong foundational messaging document to refer back to, the Stand.earth team is well equipped to answer questions from current and potential donors, create new content, and position itself within the philanthropic space.

We’ve been proud to help Stand.earth tell the story of its vital work, and we look forward to collaborating again in the future.

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