2024-06-17 12:00:31


Changing the Future: Helping a Climate Nonprofit Reach 2 Million+ High Schoolers

The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) had a clear goal in mind—provide inspiration, education, and training to 1 million high school students, giving them the power to fight climate change with their own unique talents and gifts. We couldn't wait to help them spread the word.

We worked with ACE to develop a comprehensive campaign, which went beyond the usual brand videos to include a custom web platform and engaging assembly format. The assembly, which incorporated testimonies from students and pop culture icons alike, gave high schoolers an entertaining and compelling introduction to the problem of climate change, and gave them the information and tools to become climate leaders in their own schools and neighborhoods.

The campaign far surpassed its original goal, reaching more than 2 million students and encouraging more than 400,000 to take concrete action to reduce the impact of climate change. What's more, 3,000 inspiring students have taken the additional step of becoming fully empowered community climate leaders.