2024-04-14 11:27:44


Curing Disease: Restructuring a Non-Profit as a For-Profit Business for Faster Innovation

Grace Science Foundation (GSF) was created by two passionate parents desperately trying to save their daughter from the effects of NGLY1 deficiency, an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes developmental delays, movement disorders, and in some cases, seizures. Because the disease is so rare—with only about a hundred cases reported worldwide—there has been little research into NGLY1 deficiency. As a result, there is no known cure.

Matt and Kristen Wilsey set out to find that cure. What began as a mission to cure their daughter's illness became something more—a mission to change millions of lives.

For maximum impact, we repackaged the GSF platform model as a for-profit business. This accelerates their strategy and scientific research process, and paves the way for life-changing discoveries.