2024-06-17 12:03:22


Friday is strategic consulting firm focused on education, economic opportunity, and community development. Strategic consulting firm Friday needed of a reliable tech partner so that the organization could focus on its strengths—strategy, UX/UI design, and brand building.

Free Range offers Friday the missing link between business understanding and technology implementation. We’ve greatly enjoyed working with Friday on seven projects in the last year alone, complementing the firm’s strategic work with our own development capabilities.


When working with Friday, we merged our “Understand” phase with Friday’s existing discovery process. While Friday analyzes the business structure of clients’  competitors, for instance, we perform a deep dive into competitor tech implementations. Our development team works as an integrated unitwith Friday’s strategists, designers.


In the “Explore” phase of our shared process, Free Range and Friday work together to develop a firmer understanding of the challenge at hand. 

For instance, in our mutual work with ed tech organization CodePath, we helped Friday put together a plan for incorporating the wide range of integrations CodePath needed in its new enrollment system. Our shared strategy sessions informed the layout of the platform’s information architecture and the information flow. This helped Friday’s design team create a strong, workable user experience from the start, saving time and effort during the implementation phase.



We work with Friday very closely when implementing designs and strategic directions.

We review every design highlight anytech limitations well in advance, maintaining an ongoing discussion between tech, design, and strategy. Using regular meetings and execution reports, our project management teams keep each other well informed to ensure a smooth implementation process. Having successfully launched more than 6 projects with Friday in the last year, we are well integrated with the agency’s processes.


We have worked on multiple projects with Friday - ChangeMakers, CodePath, AASCU, Achieving the Dream, Aspen, SUNY, Children’s InstituteWe have also brought on their multiple maintenance contracts under our tech umbrella. We look forward to working together on more projects in the future.