2024-06-17 12:03:40


Home to a diverse population of multigenerational family farmers, immigrants, and workers in a wide range of socioeconomic statuses, Santa Barbara County in southern California is a site of rare natural beauty. 

To prepare its 2030 climate action plan—aka “OneClimate”—the County needed to engage with and collect feedback from key stakeholders, including community members and representatives from agricultural, business, environmental, and social justice organizations.


Partnering with Climate Action Planners and Rincon Consultants, we worked with Santa Barbara County leadership to identify areas of focus and determine the impacts of the prospective plan on constituents.


At this stage, it was important to develop a plan and messaging strategy that would appeal to all constituents, as quick adoption will be critical for the climate action plan’s success.


To help Santa Barbara County communicate the importance of supporting the climate action plan to constituents, we interviewed representatives from various stakeholder groups to produce a mini-documentary showcasing the value of the OneClimate program.


We continue to consult with Santa Barbara County as their climate action planning progresses to achieve the 2030 OneClimate goals.