2024-07-08 14:31:11


Healthy Babies Bright Futures aims to measurably reduce the largest sources of babies' exposures to toxic chemicals that harm brain development. We partnered with HBBF to refresh their brand identity and develop a website that puts their audience first.


By facilitating brand and messaging workshops and conducting primary and secondary research, we uncovered HBBF’s core audiences, including parents, mayors and motivated city staff, policymakers, and members of the press. Working one on one and in groups, we collaborated with the HBBF to define the unique needs of each of these audiences. 


Together with the HBBF team, we established a brand identity that would resonate with all audiences and position HBBF as the go-to source for information on reducing toxic exposure in babies. We developed a compelling narrative highlighting HBBF's role in creating a safer environment for babies everywhere. Through creative concepting and foundational messaging, we laid the groundwork for a brand identity that would appeal to all stakeholders.


With a comprehensive strategy in place, we set out to bring HBBF's vision to life. We created an engaging website that leveraged the refreshed brand and incorporated a more effective information architecture and intuitive user experience. The final product is designed to make content easily accessible through user-friendly navigation and indexes. 


The new HBBF website offers an improved user experience for visitors, enabling them to access crucial information on reducing toxic chemical exposure in infants. Our team continues to support HBBF by producing marketing collateral for key events, promoting their message to a wider audience.